Prestige living in the heart of Kowloon

Understated in style and emblematic of a more graceful age, The Kadoorie Estate reflects the aesthetic sensibilities of an iconic era in architecture. Today, the houses on The Estate form one of the last remaining clusters of pre-war architecture in modern Hong Kong.

Each and every house on The Estate is unique. While some houses were designed in the Bauhaus tradition, others exemplify design elements of Streamlined Moderne, a movement influenced by the streamlined bodies of aeroplanes, ships, and automobiles, reflecting the rapid technological change and innovation of the inter-war period.

While the exterior façades have been carefully preserved, interiors have been renovated to the highest standard, combining the elegance of colonial-era architecture with the latest amenities and high-end materials. High ceilings, thick walls and spacious interiors keep the houses naturally cool in summer and warm in winter.

In its sensitive restoration and renovation of these charming homes, The Estate recognises the intrinsic value of the area’s architectural history. We are proud to play our part in preserving Hong Kong’s built heritage.