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  • Prestige living in the heart of Kowloon
    The Kadoorie Estate
    Prestige living in the heart of Kowloon
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The Kadoorie Estate
"The Kadoorie Estate remains an oasis of tranquillity amidst Hong Kong's dramatic development of the last 90 years. My Family is proud to have been one of the founders and maintains to this day a unique environment in the heart of Kowloon."

- The Honourable Sir Michael Kadoorie

Nestled in the heart of bustling Kowloon, hidden beneath a canopy of trees, lies The Kadoorie Estate – an exclusive residential community that has long been one of Hong Kong’s best kept secrets.

Described as an ‘oasis of calm in a fast-paced city’, the eight-hectare Estate is situated on Kadoorie Hill. Its two wide boulevards – Kadoorie Avenue and Braga Circuit – are home to 85 historic houses as well as St. George’s Court, a low-rise apartment building. This peaceful enclave benefits from all the conveniences of modern city living and is readily accessible to the business and commercial hubs of West Kowloon and Central District, as well as the traditional flower, bird, and goldfish markets in the vicinity.

The history of the area dates back to 1931, when a barren hillside was purchased, upon which was built a garden city surrounded by greenery, convenient in location and beautiful in design. The original emphasis on low-density living, green spaces, spacious homes and architectural integrity remain distinguishing features of The Estate today.

The Estate’s detached and semi-detached houses vary in size from 3,000 square feet to 6,000 square feet. Each house has its own garden, and some have private pools. St. George’s Court situated on the top of ‘Kadoorie Hill’ is home to 39 colonial-era apartments of about 3,000 square feet in size.

Properties are typically leased to high-net-worth individuals in the world of commerce, music, and media. Some of these tenants have called The Estate home for over 30 years.

Here at The Kadoorie Estate we are proud to offer a service that puts tenants at the heart of everything we do. We are committed to preserving The Estate and its surrounding environment for the future.   

For more information about the history of The Kadoorie Estate, please visit our History & Heritage page.

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Having secured a large tract of land in the early 1930s, the founding fathers of The Kadoorie Estate started work on their bold new vision: to bring life to the barren slopes of Kadoorie Hill. They planted saplings of eucalyptus, cinnamon and flame-of-the-forest, as well as seeds of horse-tail and other pine trees in and around The Estate.
Today, tall, willowy trees line both sides of Kadoorie Avenue, and greenery can also be found within the confines of each property too, with homes set in mature private gardens. These beautifully maintained gardens feature native plants and colourful fruit trees that provide a nurturing habitat for an abundance of flora and fauna, facilitating an inside-outside style of living that is increasingly rare in modern Hong Kong.
We are proud to uphold the ecological vision of The Estate’s original founders. Our management ethos ensures that every care is given to protect and maintain the natural environment, thereby safeguarding the longevity of this verdant oasis and assuring the quality of life of its inhabitants.
Throughout the world, fireplaces have long provided characterful centrepieces and an intimate focal point for social gatherings. A rarity in Hong Kong, most of the houses on The Estate boast fully functioning fireplaces. These traditional hearths create a warm and welcoming atmosphere, whether entertaining friends or enjoying a quiet night at home.
Understated in style and emblematic of a more graceful age, The Kadoorie Estate reflects the aesthetic sensibilities of an iconic era in architecture. Today, the houses on The Estate form one of the last remaining clusters of pre-war architecture in modern Hong Kong.
Each and every house on The Estate is unique. While some houses were designed in the Bauhaus tradition, others exemplify design elements of Streamlined Moderne, a movement influenced by the streamlined bodies of aeroplanes, ships, and automobiles, reflecting the rapid technological change and innovation of the inter-war period.
While the exterior façades have been carefully preserved, interiors have been renovated to the highest standard, combining the elegance of colonial-era architecture with the latest amenities and high-end materials. High ceilings, thick walls and spacious interiors keep the houses naturally cool in summer and warm in winter.
In its sensitive restoration and renovation of these charming homes, The Estate recognises the intrinsic value of the area’s architectural history. We are proud to play our part in preserving Hong Kong’s built heritage.
Become part of an exclusive neighbourhood steeped in history and reminiscent of an elegant, bygone age.
Step inside a piece of living history and discover some of Hong Kong’s most striking architectural masterpieces.
A home is so much more than bricks and mortar. A place where communities come together and childhood memories are made, The Kadoorie Estate is proud to be called ‘home’ by both its local and international tenants.
From urban legends to internationally acclaimed films, an enduring image of Kowloon lives on in Hong Kong’s popular culture. Once an undeveloped area home to tigers and famed for its mountainous peaks, today’s Kowloon is a fascinating mix of gritty culture, eclectic markets and high-end to street-style eateries.
True luxury living lies in the heart of urban Kowloon. Offering greenery, convenience and beautiful architecture, The Kadoorie Estate promises a lifestyle like no other.
The past is a welcome friend at The Kadoorie Estate. Discover heritage homes that are carefully preserved, lovingly restored and appointed with the most modern and up-to-date amenities.