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  • A prestigious collection of individual homes set in an oasis of tranquility.
    The Kadoorie Estate
    A prestigious collection of individual homes set in an oasis of tranquility.
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The Kadoorie Estate
"The Kadoorie Estate remains an oasis of tranquillity amidst Hong Kong's dramatic development of the last 80 years. My Family is proud to have been one of the founders and maintains to this day a unique environment in the heart of Kowloon."
- Sir Michael Kadoorie
The Kadoorie Estate is an exclusive residential community made up of 85 residences and a low-rise apartment block, St. George’s Court, situated along Kadoorie Avenue and its spur Braga Circuit in Kowloon, Hong Kong.

The Estate spans eight hectares and constitutes a tranquil green oasis close to the major business hubs of West Kowloon and Central.

The original barren rock site that became Kadoorie Hill was purchased in 1931 by a Kadoorie Family company and developed progressively over the next four decades.

Today, the houses are a mix of detached and semi-detached residences varying in size from 3,000 square feet to 6,000 square feet, where each house has its own garden, some with pools. St. George’s Court consists of 39 colonial style apartments; each is typically 3,000 square feet in size.

These properties are often leased to corporate and high net worth individuals, as well as media and music celebrities. Many of our tenants are long-term residents, whereby some cases exceed as far as 30 years of occupancy at the same property.
An exceptional standard of property management is maintained for each and every one of our Kowloon’s luxury property and low-rise apartments for rent, whereby we place particular emphasis on the careful preservation of our properties and their surrounding environments for long-term prosperity.

If you’re looking for Kowloon’s luxury property, then these houses with private garden in Hong Kong and heritage apartments prove the ultimate choice for renting.

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A key feature of The Kadoorie Estate is the extensive greenery. Mature trees line Kadoorie Avenue and most of the houses come with their own established private gardens.

The Estate’s gardens facilitate an inside-outside living style that is increasingly rare in Hong Kong, where construction can feel never-ending and verticality is king

Remaining such today, The Estate’s abundant trees further add to its sense of being a garden enclave within Kowloon. The mature gardens feature predominantly native trees and plants, providing a habitat for an abundance of flora and fauna.

Every attention is given to preserving the properties and the natural environment for the long-term pleasure and comfort of residents and community. The Estate offers a truly unique quality of life in the heart of the city.

One of the highly unique features of many of Kadoorie Estate Limited’s residential property portfolio are the original and still workable fireplaces to found in many of the living rooms.

With the understated beauty of its properties, The Kadoorie Estate is the epitome of historic Hong Kong. The houses along Kadoorie Avenue reflect the elegance of 1930s-1950s design and character, a true rarity in modern day Hong Kong.

Many of The Estate’s houses were built in the Bauhaus tradition, whilst others exemplified design elements of Streamlined Moderne, which was influenced principally by the streamlined bodies of aeroplanes, ships and automobiles, reflecting the growth of transportation and travel in the 1930s. The smooth surfaces, rounded corners and nautical influences on the houses all still conform to this streamlined aesthetic.

The properties’ interiors feature high ceilings, thick walls and spacious layouts, designed to be naturally cool in summer and warm in winter.

The houses are designed to live in – combining the elegance of architectural heritage with the comforts of modern living. Renovated to the latest modern standards, the clean design and materials complement the essential historical character of the properties.

These residences provide a welcome contrast to modern Hong Kong architecture, which places less emphasis on design aesthetics and more on financial returns. The homes within The Kadoorie Estate are a true emblem of Hong Kong’s architectural history.

The Estate’s Management, in its preservation of the original exteriors and renovation of the interiors to suit modern living, recognizes the inherent value of The Estate’s architecture and its essence in defining The Estate’s identity. The uniqueness of the architecture is prevalent in every property, adding to the overall beauty, character and value of the entire Estate.